Here are some of the most common questions people ask us.

What does the word "Kaizen" mean?

"Kaizen" is a Japanese word meaning "continuous improvement."  It surrounds everything that we stand for.  Small, sometimes imperceptible, improvements are what make each person better.

Why are martial arts paramount to the programs you fund?

"Old School" martial arts are the only integrated safety, wellness, and self-development program in the world that has been proven through the centuries. In their classical form, they have stood the test of time as a comprehensive system that develops the mind, body, and spirit in a seamless method regardless of the age or capabilities of the participants.  By keeping the principles and updating the training protocols, we have made these methods available to everyone, regardless of ability or disability.

Who can provide funded programs?

The providers for the programs must be able to have a program that incorporates an integrated "mind, body, spirit” type philosophy and incorporate fitness, martial arts, mentoring, and life skills holistically . Programs must be able to allow the individual with a disability the opportunity to grow and become as independent as possible.